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Basic Math Algebra
Decimals Exponent
Measurements Geometry
Money  Patterns
NumberTheory Statistics
Applications Fractions
Graphs Misc
Silly Jokes
World Math Day is celebrated every year on 5th March.
Work Sheets (Level 4)
Basic Math
  Rounding Numbers
  Estimate Product of two numbers
  Numbers to Words
  Words to Numbers
  Long Division  1  2
  Division with 2 digit divisor
  Division using given numbers
  Find the missing Operation
  Find the missing Number
  Sort numbers
  Roman Numerals
  Mixed Patterns
  Find Multiples
  Learn about different fractions types
  Compare Fractions
  Arrange/Sort Fractions
  Multiply Fractions
  Divide Fractions
  Add Fractions with same denominators
  Add Fractions with different denominators
  Subtract Fractions with same denominators
  Find Missing Fraction in Addition
  Subtract Fractions with different denominators
  Mixed Operations on Fractions
  Fraction Algebra
  Fraction word problems
  Equivalent Fractions
  Find Fractions that are not Equivalent
  Write Equivalent Fraction
  Convert Fractions and Decimals
  Decimal Addition
  Decimal Subtraction
  Decimal Multiplication
  Decimal Division
  Decimal By Decimal Multiplication
  Decimal Multiplication by Two Digit
  Compare Decimals
  Find Missing Decimal in Addition
  Mixed Decimal word problems
  Round Decimals
  Decimal Addition with 3 Addends
  Decimal Riddles
  Decimal To Percentage
  Percentage of a Number
  Least Common Multiplier(LCM)
  Highest Common Factor(HCF)
  Different Types of Numbers
  Find factors of a number (Factorization)
  Basic Algebra
  Decimal Algebra
  Evaluate Expressions
  Fraction Add Subtract Algebra
  Function Machine
  Plot Coordinates
  Classify Angles
  Classify Triangles
  Triangle puzzles
  Find area
  Area & Perimeter  1  2
  Unscramble Circle Words
  Bar Graph
  Line Graph
  Pie Chart
  Picture Graph
  American Measurements Conversion
  Metric Measurements Conversion
  Estimate Price
  Find how much to tip in a restaurant
  Subtract Money
  Multiply Money
  Learn to write checks
  Time: Find how far is it
  Time: Convert minutes to hours and vice versa
  Mean, Mode, Median, Range
  Missing number in Mean, Mode, Median, Range
  Probability of a deck of cards
  Compare Integers
  Sort Integers
  Evaluate Squares
  Evaluate Exponents
  Compare Positive Exponents
  Sort Positive Exponents
  Time Pattern

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