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Grade 7 Grade 8
Basic Math Algebra
Decimals Exponent
Measurements Geometry
Money  Patterns
NumberTheory Statistics
Applications Fractions
Graphs Misc
Silly Jokes
World Math Day is celebrated every year on 5th March.
Work Sheets (Level 2)
Basic Math
  Add Odds and Evens
  Subtract Odds and Evens
Addition Fact Family
Adding Large Numbers without carry over
  Addition with three Addends
  2 Digit Addition with three Addends
  Solve for missing numbers
  Find numbers which are more or less by certain numbers
  Find Double or Half of a number
  Order numbers
  Sort Ordinals
  Write numbers in words using place value
  Rounding To Ten
  Find correct sign ( +, - )
  Unscramble Numbers
  Find missing numbers in addition
  Subtraction Fact Family
  Addition word problems
  Subtraction word problems
  Math Word Problems
  Addition Facts
  Subtraction Facts
  Compare Sums
  Compare Subtractions
Carry Addition
  Addition with carry over
  Three Digit Addition with carry over
Carry Subtraction
  Subtraction with carry over
  Three Digit Subtraction with carry over
Learn to Multiply
  Learn Table of 2 By Adding
  Learn Table of 3 By Adding
  Learn Table of 4 By Adding
  Learn Table of 5 By Adding
  Learn Multiplication up to 9 using multiplication table
  Count By 2s
  Count By 3s
  Count By 4s
  Count By 5s
  Count By 6s
  Count By 10s
  Count By 2s, 5s and 10s
  Count By 100s
  Count By 2s Backwards
  Count By 5s Backwards
  Easy Multiplication by matching
  Multiplication of 2 and 3
  Multiplication up to 5
  Multiplication up to 9
  Multiplication word problems
  Multiplication Facts
  Draw Time
  Find Time
  Add Time
  Subtract Time
  Learn about Calendar
  Learn about Days and Months
  Time word problems
   Counting Money 12
  Match money with items
  Add Subtract Money
  Money word problems
  Compare Money
  Addition Patterns
  Subtraction Patterns
  Geometry Patterns
  Match Fractions
  Fraction Word Problems
  Learn to divide by 2
  Division by 2, 5, and 10
  Division word problems
  Draw Shapes
  Match 3D Shapes
  Name Shapes
  Learn to read Tally Chart
  Spanish Numbers

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