Simple Tips For Buying A New Piano

There’s no way around it; buying a new piano is quite an investment. There are a lot of considerations you have to take before making your purchase. Pianos can be pricey, they take up quite a bit of space, and they also require a lot of effort to keep in great working order. It’s best that you know exactly what you’re in for before you get too far along into the process. Make sure you follow these basic tips:

1 – Buy In-Person

With the convenience of online shopping, you might find yourself considering a blind purchase when it comes to your piano. While this can sometimes work out well enough, it’s in your best interest to check out all of your local musical instrument stores first. This will allow you to check out their stock first-hand and possibly even try out the model you want to purchase. As with any instrument, you’ll know the right piano when you come across it. That unique, hands-on bond is something that just won’t be there if you buy from a website.

2 – Consider The Size And Weight

Next up, you have to remember that pianos take up quite a lot of room. They’re also quite heavy! If you’re convinced that you need to go the full-on traditional route, you need to either purchase from a store that will help you maneuver the instrument into your home afterward, or take plenty of friends along with you to make the transition from the store a little bit easier.

3 – Don’t Rule Out A Keyboard

Finally, you should also consider some of your alternatives. Electric keyboards or digital pianos are far less cumbersome and vastly more affordable. They’re quick and easy to get going and very simple to learn on as well. While the sound isn’t quite as magnificent given its synthetic nature, the upsides to buying a keyboard instead can be quite persuasive.

While that covers the essentials, we’ll leave you with a few more stray tips for buying a new piano. First of all, don’t be afraid to window shop a bit more even if you feel as if you’ve found “the one”. The next store over might have something better, or maybe even the same model for a lower price! You should also pick a budget and stick to it. With all of that out of the way, you should easily be able to settle on a great piano that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.