Name:_____________                                          Volume And Surface Area Worksheet       © mathkinz




Q.1: The side of a cube measures 3. What will be the volume and surface area of the cube?


Volume:          __________        

Surface Area: __________      


Q.2:The length of a cuboid is 4, width is 5 and height is 12. What is its volume and surafce area?


Volume:          __________        

Surface Area: __________     


Q.3:Surface Area of a cube is 294 m2 .Calculate its side.


Side:                __________


Q.4:The surface area of a cuboid is 112.Its length is 4 and height is 8. Find its breadth.


Breadth:            __________


Q.5: Radius of a sphere is 8. What is its volume?


Volume:            __________


Q.6: Radius of a sphere is 2. What is its volume and surface area?


Volume:            __________

Surface Area:   __________


Q.7: Volume  of a sphere is 16. What is its radius?


Radius:              __________

Q.8: A cube has a side of 16 cm. Another cube has a side of 4 cm. Tell the number of smaller cubes that

will fit into larger cube.

Answer:             __________

Q.9: It costs $5 to paint 1m2 of area. How much would it cost to paint a room with length 3.5m, breadth 4 m and

height 5 m (both inside and outside the room)?

Answer:             __________

Q.10: It costs 1 unit paint to paint 1 box of a rubix cube. How much paint would it cost to paint all the boxes of

the rubix cube?

Answer:             __________